Mindfulness & Mindbalancing

Reinhard KawalskiReinhard Kowalski is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist in the NHS (British National Health Service) and in private practice. He is also a Mindfulness Teacher with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and a practitioner and trainer of AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy). Reinhard’s Mindbalancing meditation programme combines elements of psychosynthesis, energy psychology, chakra work into a powerful and therapeutic programme. You can find the programme in detail in his recently published Mindfulness & Mindbalancing Handbook (Speechmark, 2011).


"There is a lot happening in psychotherapy these days. But then, psychotherapy has always been a developing field, full of exciting new approaches and contradictions often ensuing in passionate battles about rights and wrongs, and often resulting in the synthesis of formerly contradictory approaches. I remember the days when, for example, the behaviourists were at least highly suspicious of and frequently openly hostile towards the newly developed cognitive therapy. Now the synthesis of Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Therapy as CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) has become hugely popular as a psychotherapy.

Some amazing syntheses and integrations are happening right now and they involve the introduction and inclusion of spirituality into the field of psychotherapy, and the emergence of more body-orientated approaches in the area of ‘Energy Psychology’. This is rapidly propelling psychotherapy beyond being ‘just’ talking therapy and into the realms of subtle energy fields that the spiritual traditions talk about.

Mindfulness meditation, for example, teaches us to go beyond the ‘world-building’ mind that uses words and concepts to create a perception of reality that may have served us decades ago but may be very inappropriate now. Energy Psychology works on the assumption that trauma gets lodged in the person’s energy system and that pure talking can only create partial relief. Energy Psychologists then use skilful methods of touch to release past trauma from either the meridian or chakra energy systems.

My therapy work combines Mindfulness and Yogic meditation practices (Mindbalancing) with two energy psychology approaches – AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)."



In my individual therapy work I combine elements of Mindfulness, Mindbalancing, Energy Psychology and trauma work according to the client’s needs. Individual therapy can be for personal and professional development or for specific problems like stress, anxiety and depression. Telephone and skype sessions are possible. Please contact me for details.



I run Mindfulness, Mindbalancing and AIT training courses in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and at locations throughout Europe. The courses vary from initiation level through to advanced techniques for  teachers and advanced practitioners.  Click for details.



Both my Mindfulness and Mindbalancing meditation programmes are available on CD with detailed instructions of how to use them. You can either download the CDs from this site or you may order a physical CD.



Future Courses

AIT Basics

AIT BASICS TRAUMA TREATMENT SEMINAR dates for 2015 will be announced soon led by Reinhard Kowalski These AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) Seminars offer three day experiential and practical trainings for mental health professionals (psychotherapists,...

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Mindfulness for inner peace and health

Mindfulness for inner peace and health. Courses at the Bagnall Centre in Chesham. Led by Reinhard Kowalski. Next course 21 March 2015, 11am – 2pm followed by 27 March, 7 – 8pm, 10 April,...

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Mastering AIT Practice (MAP)

Mastering AIT Practice (MAP) A 3-day seminar to deepen your AIT practice. Led by Reinhard Kowalski 2015 dates will be available soon Venue: London (TBA). Cost: TBA In AIT-Basics you learnt everything you needed to work...

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